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Flashback Friday Feature: Kiptyn Locke

When I first had the idea for Flashback Friday Features I wanted to focus on all the charitable work I knew past contestants were doing. I was aware that there were a wide array of charities and that many of them had started their own organizations, but some of them literally dedicate themselves completely. Today’s guest exemplifies that level of commitment in a manner that is nothing short of amazing (drink). Whether you remember him as the lovable California surfer from Jillian Harris’ season of The Bachelorette, or the fair-minded, loyal friend from Bachelor Pad, it’s clear that Kiptyn Locke is one of the good guys.




1.What was your favorite experience while on the Bachelorette or Bachelor Pad?

I feel like one would expect something from Hawaii or Spain here. Honestly, though, one of my favorite memories was snow shoeing at Emerald Lake (Alberta, Canada). On the final group date of our season. The guys and Jillian were all having a blast. I grew up around the ocean with sun and surf, so running around in the snow was a fun new experience. Emerald Lake was stunning as well.

Surfing - Oxnard

2.What was the most difficult aspect of being on the show?

Initially, getting used to cameras being around and adjusting to all the things that go into a TV show being made. Pretty foreign to my prior life experiences. Overall, not being able to communicate with my friends, family and the closest people in my life.

3.How did the experience of filming Bachelor Pad differ from your Bachelorette
experience? Was it easier/harder/more or less fun?

I’d have to say Bachelorette was more fun than Bachelor Pad. With Bachelor Pad you’ve got people who are already friends, put into a competitive situation where everyone is second-guessing everything each person is doing. I’m generally very trusting, and being in that situation was pretty uncomfortable. I’m hoping in future seasons of Bachelor Pad the Bachelor producers will have a better understanding of the show they’re trying to make and put it together better.


4.What unexpected thing happened as a result of being on these shows?
Friends? A new way of looking at things?

This is one of those “all of the above” answers. So much has gone on since the show and I’m incredibly appreciative for and in love with the life I have. I’ve met some amazing people from all over the spectrum and each of these people in one way or another affect/shape the way you think and live. Of the greatest impact is definitely the increased support for my philanthropic ventures.

Kiptyn & Tenley with Ali & Roberto

5.What are you working on now?

I’m working with the same three companies that I was involved with before the shows. I’m also working on creating a new online business that has a charitable focus. Recently a couple new show ideas have been presented to Tenley and me, but I’m not sure where any of these conversations are going. For me, I’m just keeping my focus on my business and upcoming projects in the charitable or health and fitness space.

Kiptyn & Tenley on ET Emmy Party Red Carpet

6.What charities have you supported? Have you teamed up with any other
past contestants for charity projects?

Wow, in the last couple years I’ve supported a few dozen or more different causes. The charities I’m most regularly involved with include Cystic Fibrosis Foundation , and Cancer Angels of San Diego ,a non-profit my mother that I’m on the board of.

I’ve been working with the band Switchfoot for seven years now. The beneficiary for the Seventh Annual Switchfoot Bro-Am is Stand Up for Kids. We’ve worked with Stand Up for Kids for four years.

Presenting at the Classy Awards - honoring non-profits and volunteers

A number of different Bachelor contestants have joined in supporting events. It’s pretty amazing because so many of them have their own causes they already support. I think we all try to help each other with our respective charitable ventures.

After School All Stars Dodgeball Group

Also, the Bachelor Franchise started “Bachelor Gives Back” in late 2009 so at least a coupe times a year they pull past contestants together to support causes. I’ve done a few events with them as well.

Speed Round:

1. Take out or dine out? Dine out.  (I love cooking too.)

2. Plain or peanut? Peanut.

3. Coke or Pepsi? Neither, generally. If either, Coke.

4. Beach or lake? Beach!

5. Breast or thigh? Breast.

6. Pajamas or nothing? Nothing. (Pending temperature or company.)

7. Out to the movies or home with the DVR? DVR lately.

8. Popcorn or Twizzlers? Popcorn.

9. Fancy restaurant or local diner? Favorite local diner.

10. Chocolate or vanilla? Chocolate. (With the peanut from question 2. Mmmm.)

11. Power to fly or power to be invisible? Invisible.

12. Boxers or briefs? Boxer briefs.

Give Back Hollywood Red Carpet


Flashback Friday Feature: Richard Mathy

Fans will remember him as the lovable science teacher from DeAnna Pappas’ season of The Bachelorette. I’ve had the pleasure of hanging out with Richard a few times and I can tell you that as likable as he appeared on the show, his edit didn’t come close to doing him justice. He’s charming, intelligent, and one of the most hilarious people I’ve ever met. I’m thrilled that he gets to do the first installment of Flashback Friday because not only does he devote spare time to working on charity projects with a variety of other previous cast members, he chooses to make a difference every day by teaching high school students—he’s the perfect example of someone who’s making a daily effort to help others. Not only did he graciously agree to be interviewed for my blog, he even sent some pictures (which I supplemented with a few of my own). Please click on the links below to check out some of the charities he works to support. Without further ado, I present Richard Mathy.

1. What was your favorite experience while being on the Bachelorette?

As much as people like to rag on the show about this, it really is the relationships.  I didn’t hit it off with DeAnna, and if I had the full six weeks with her, I probably still wouldn’t have hit it off with her romantically… I did however find life long friends.  Starting with De.  While we would make an awful couple, we make an amazing pair as friends.

I have also made friends with fellow cast members Brian Westendorf, Jeremy Anderson, Chris Bradshaw, Graham Bunn, and Jesse Csincsak. I will keep in touch with these guys for the rest of my life.  While they haven’t all stayed friends with each other for one reason or the other, I for one will keep my loyalty to all of them because (as lame as it sounds) we bonded through a unique experience.  Through that experience we have created relationships with each other that, even though our meetings where brief, they left a mark where it counts.

2.What was the most difficult aspect of being on the show?

The most difficult part of being on the show was seeing just how negative the
country can be.  To read peoples’ posts and blogs with negative
comment after negative comment was a sad commentary on American life.  I spend
the day teaching children in high school and I am constantly telling
kids to be nice to their fellow man.  Yet the internet offers anonymity so any
Jane Doe can shoot out what she sees as an “insightful stinger”.

I can remember a comment about a tie I was wearing that said something along the lines
that I needed to not shop in the bargain bin.  I was hurt by that because
as a teacher I can’t afford $100 fashion ties, I liked the tie and color combo a
lot, and my mother actually bought the tie as a “good luck gift” for my first

Editor's Note: It's hard to imagine a tie that wouldn't look good on this man - just saying....

3. What unexpected thing happened as a result of being on the show?Friends? A new
way of looking at things?

The most unexpected result of the show was my increase in travel.  I used to
take one vacation a year to go camping in the Adirondack Mountains with my
friends.  Last year, because of visiting friends of the show and cast get
togethers, I was on a plane at least once a month.  I’ve met new people from
other seasons which have led to more friendships and more travel to stay in
touch with those friends!

4. What are you working on now?

Currently I’ve been trying to write grants for our school district  trying
to get money for educational opportunities.  Our students today are at a
disadvantage because when they enter the workforce they are no longer competing
locally for jobs, but globally.  The earlier I can get technology into the
students’ lives and have them engage their creativity, the better equipped they
will be for the future.

5. How many other past contestants have you teamed up with for charity
projects? What charities have you supported?

I’ve worked with Graham Bunn on his 46 charity (http://www.46nyc.com/) .  I had my volleyball team purchase the “valu46le” T-shirt to promote sports and education, as well as attended several of his functions.

The bachelor crew helped with “Jeans for Teens”  ( http://www.dosomething.org/teensforjeans/take-action)this year in NYC to get pairs of jeans to homeless kids in NYC.

Personally I support the local humane society as I have always had a soft spot
for unwanted and abused animals (I started working with Spring Farm Cares in
Clinton, NY when I was a junior in high school).

Speed round:

1. Take out or dine out? Summer out, winter in
2. Plain or peanut? Peanut
3. Coke or Pepsi? Vanilla Coke, Cherry Pepsi
4. Beach or lake? Lake (gotta get my wakeboard on)
5. Breast or thigh? Thigh
6. Pajamas or nothing? I’m a PJ pant and A shirt guy
7. Out to the movies or home with the dvr? At home DVR and Netflix on the Wii
8. Popcorn or Twizzlers? Popcorn
9. Fancy restaurant or favorite local diner? By myself, I mingle with the
locals…first dates are what fancy restaurants are for
10. Chocolate or vanilla? Vanilla
11. Power to fly or power to be invisible? Come fly with me…
12. Boxers or briefs? Boxer briefs!