My Novels

Currently the following novels are available at: AMAZON,  B&N, ARe, Google and other major book retailers:

Leave The Lights On (Contemporary romance, ebook or paperback) -Samhain Publishing

Then, Again (Contemporary romance , ebook or paperback) – Samhain Publishing

Meant To Be (Contemporary romance, ebook or paperback)- Turquoise Morning Press

Holding On (Sequel to Meant To Be, ebook or paperback)- Turquoise Morning Press

All I need (prequel novella to Meant to be, ebook only) – Karen Stivali

Always You (erotic romance, ebook only)- Ellora’s Cave

Marry Me (erotic romance, ebook only) –  Ellora’s Cave

Decadence (erotic romance, ebook only)- Ellora’s Cave

Long-Distance Lovers (erotic romance, ebook and paperback cowritten with Karen Booth)-Ellora’s Cave

5 Responses to My Novels

  1. vickie says:

    Enjoyed your web site, look forward to hearing more on your book, as I have written 3 books, but i published them myself, Wishing you the best to achieve your dream.

  2. Jennifer Rosania says:

    I truly enjoy your website; recipes are great! and the visual effects encourage me to run out by ingredients and that the outcome of my baking will be a success!!! Best of luck with you outstanding book, “Meant to be” As the daughter of a writer and publisher, I know all the hard work and sacrifices that went into your accomplishment!
    Best of Luck,

  3. Sharene H says:

    Legendary!!! So excited for you Karen :)

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