Marry Me (Now available!)

I’m so excited to announce that MARRY ME is available as of June 1, 2012. You can purchase it at any of the following places: Amazon, Ellora’s Cave, Barnes and Noble, or AllRomance. Here’s another look at the cover and the blurb. Scroll down to read a quick excerpt so you can finally meet Julia and Ben!

When British drummer Ben Davis lost his childhood sweetheart, he was certain he’d never love again. He focuses on music as his band rises to stardom. A never-ending stream of groupies satisfies his needs until he meets intriguing clothing designer Julia Jones.

Julia’s career rocketed from seamstress to up-and-coming designer for the A-list, but her personal life didn’t fare as well. Her last boyfriend crossed from controlling to violent and she vowed never to be in that position again.

Sparks fly the instant Ben and Julia meet, but she resists his intoxicating charms, certain a celebrity romance will bring only trouble. But before long the heat between them becomes undeniable and she allows him into her bed and her heart. The more in love Ben falls, the more he fears losing her. When Julia’s life is endangered, Ben’s reaction terrifies her, forcing them both to confront their biggest fears if they want a chance at a future together.


Chapter One

“Marry me, Julia.”

Julia smirked, trying not to prick herself as she pinned the cuff of Ben’s trousers. “No. Now hold still before I have to redo this.”

He shifted, coming dangerously close to falling off the platform where he stood. “Why not?”

His voice alone was almost enough to make her say yes—crooning and velvety and unmistakably British, her biggest weakness. “How about because we’ve never even been on a date?”

“Is that all?” He let his hands smack against his legs. “Well then have drinks with me.”

“No.” She couldn’t keep the smile from creeping back across her face.

He was unbearably handsome. Over six feet of pure seduction. Long, muscular legs, impossibly slim hips, broad, smooth chest, a face that could have been chiseled out of stone, all topped off with a mop of blond hair that was begging to be touched. This was the third fitting he’d had with her over the past three months—the first two for concerts for his band’s Northeast tour and this one for a photo shoot with GQ. She knew every inch of his perfect body. Well, nearly every inch. Her gaze drifted up toward his crotch, a tempting few inches from her face. A heated flush swept across her cheeks as she realized what she was doing. Jesus, Jules, be a little professional, would you?

“How about a burrito?” he asked.

“What?” The twinkle in his blue-gray eyes was unmistakable. Dammit, he can tell he’s wearing me down.

“I’m in the mood for Mexican. Come with me.”

The way the last words purred out of him almost made her fall over.

A smile tugged at the corner of his lips. “It’s just a burrito. Something smaller, perhaps, if you feel a burrito is too much of a commitment. Maybe just some chips and salsa?”

Say no, say no. “Fine,” she said, unable to control the electricity that zipped through her when he grinned. Heartbreak, here I come.


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6 Responses to Marry Me (Now available!)

  1. Congrats! Sounds like another fab read. I’m looking forward to it :)

    • Heather says:

      This is a great story!! I am so ready for an other excellent read. I was so entertain by the last books I didn’t want to put them done.

  2. Margaret Ethridge says:

    So excited for another story from you!! I’ll be traveling tomorrow, so happy release day a day early!!!

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